The International Retail Academy

The International Retail Academy is the only Company that specialises in helping individuals learn, grow and succeed in the Retail Sector - right from securing the dream role through to training retail Management and Corporate support functions. We coach the person; helping them to overcome limiting beliefs such as confidence so they can become their best self and contribute in massive ways to your business.​We embrace individual growth and encourage collaborative capabilities.Competence and confidence are critical pieces of the puzzle that transform a good team into becoming great!

Retail Management Consultant - Retail Consulting Firm

Retail Consulting firms predominantly involve many rounds of meetings which lead to discovering extortionately high daily rates and a partnership that mostly benefits the consultant (not the client)! I've seen first hand how retail consulting works and it angers me to have seen impressive lip service; stating obvious factors that people inside the business could have identified!

Where most retail management consultant strive to train and resolve, I have actually lived and seen it all, from all perspectives of the retail industry.This is why my methods and techniques work.

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Team Building Workshops - Retail Training Workshops

We unleash the greatest potential of your retail teams, through our industry leading team building workshops.

What can you expect to enjoy? Firstly, we kick-off with a fun activity. This is to WAKE the senses and get everybody present, not only in body, but in mind too.

How often have you gone into a meeting or 'another training session' only to be distracted with your everyday activities?

You fail to be truly present, which means, you fail to uptake the information. By kicking off with a SHOCK the teams are fully engaged and the immersion begins.

We then move into team building activities, thought provoking mindset mastery methods, up-skilling on core competencies and practical ways to instil resilience, growth mindset and confidence creation. Confident teams sell more! Fact.

Stress Management Workshops | Resilience Building

Our stress management workshops are the perfect workshop for any team that fall behind on deliverables, continuously under-performing or have an abnormal amount of team turnover.

At no stage, EVER are we taught HOW to handle our own stress management - besides a few influencers here and there showing us the latest yoga craze or the best green chai smoothies - we are never really taught how we can cope at the deeper level and more importantly, how to recover and rebuild following a stressful period.

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